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August 8th, 2000
July 7, 2010Website News
A lot has changed in my life, but a lot has stayed the same. I'm hoping to do some updates to my webpage in the next few weeks, but who knows? I'm not sure what direction I'll go yet. If you're looking for the cubeboy game, I believe the link is here. I have nothing to do with this game.

April 12, 2005General Server News
August 12, 2005Website News
Game room section updated. Still a lot of work to do. Click here to check it out. The "What is CuBeBoY" secion has been updated. Click here to check it out.

April 12, 2005General Server News
My server is now officially off-line. My work took away the test T1, so I no longer will be able to use it. Thanks to everyone that actually used it and made it popular for that short time. It was a good run. I'll be sticking around the cubeboy@cubeboy.com. Again, thank you for making this site what it is today (which isn't much :)

January 3, 2005General Server News
Looks like the server took a hit over the holiday weekend. A blue screen that was memory related. I'm not sure if this was a clever hack, or just a result of an unstable system. The server was restarted early this morning. Happy gaming!

December 6, 2004General Server News
I've been on vacation for the last week, so I haven't been able to maintain the server. I'm back now so hopefully everything will be back up to speed from now on. Happy gaming.

December 1, 2004General Server News
Bandwidth increased! I now have twice the bandwidth that I had for the last few months. The server is now officially back to a full dedicated data T1. Which should provide about 1.54 Megs of bandwidth both up and down. Hopefully this will offer some better speed!

December 1, 2004General Server News
I finally figured out why the server wasn't working. Their was a firewall blocking certain access to the server. Everything should officially be back on-line now.

September 16, 2004General Server News
Unfortunately I had to take the server down again. I found out that the CPU fan was not working. So the CPU was not getting the cooling that it needs. I'm hoping to fix the fan AND replace the network card on my lunch today. I also got some more Ram, but the Motherboard is only using half of the ram installed, I should have 512 Megs of Ram, but the motherboard only sees 256. Look for service to be restored later today.

September 14, 2004General Server News
I'm looking at buying a new network card for the server. I've noticed that the card is having a hard time getting a signal from the cable. I have to position the cable a certain way to get it to work. So I'm guessing that their might be performance issues because of this. I hope to replace the card sometime tomorrow.(Donations would be nice :) inquire at cubeboy@cubeboy.com